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I just finished an install of the TIS2000 for use with GM Tech2 North American Operations CD's. It's a wonderful machine and the support the manufacturer provides for users is excellent. I found the following downloads extremely useful: TIS2P: This application is necessary to install the software on the laptop. I chose the version that allowed me to boot the machine off of the laptop hard drive. I can not get the system to boot off of the CD rom drive. TAO2P: I had to find the right ISO image for the version of Win 98 I was using. TIS2P_Installer: This is a great application that makes your job very easy. It is much easier to do a "one click" install of the system than trying to do it manually. TIS2P_Setup: This is the only application I have been able to install successfully using TIS2P_Installer. I have not tested to see if it actually works. Auto-Installer: This is a wonderful application that installs the TIS2000 in the background, moves your media to the right places, does a great job of moving the required applications, and gets the machine setup and running in about 20 minutes. So, as I mentioned above, I've installed it in the background on my machine, and I can work on the laptop and not be disconnected from the TIS2P system. While I am working on the laptop, I am still able to have access to the TIS2000 installation and all of its documentation. The documentation really is a great resource for anyone trying to install the system. All of the software you need to get the machine setup is included on the software CDs. I have access to the machine while I am working in another application, or I can work on the CD or DVD images. The main problem I ran into with the installer is that there is no option for the time zone. That really set me back a bit as I was trying to figure out why the hardware clock was off by about 6 hours. The problem was I needed to change the time zone in my BIOS. Changing the time zone in the BIOS let me select the correct time zone. It would be nice if you could make the BIOS change the time zone during the install, but it really does not matter too much to me. I did install a second application to check the hardware clock for the laptop. I am going to




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