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There is nothing more magical than the birth of a child. Capturing and preserving the tender innocence of your brand new baby is a privilege. 

​I understand that new parents have many needs and are very busy, especially in those first few days after the birth of a baby. However, one highly recommended event is to bring your newborn in for a newborn photography session. We don’t need to tell you how fast children grow from infant to toddler, and then before you know it your child will be going to school. The moments click by almost as fast as the shutter on our cameras. 

Life is all about special moments. What more important moment can you think of than to capture this very new life that you created? We look forward to being part of your family’s important newborn photo session as your professional photographer. 

As I am typically booked 3/ 4 months in advance I would advice you to book during your pregnancy. Preferably around the beginning of your third trimester or sooner. I have a maximum of 4 "due dates" each month, so bookings go fast. Be fast if you don't want to miss out.

The acceptance of the booking is based on agreement by the client of the terms and conditions stated herein

Zwangerschap - Zwangerschapsfotografie - Newborn - Newbornfotografie - Kinderen - Kinderfotografie - Baby - Babyfotografie
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At MOOI! Fotografie you pay a session fee at booking. This fee stands for the time, experience, creativity, expertise and beautiful materials at your session. This does not include any digital files or other products. Two weeks after the session we plan a ordering session, where you can choose one out of four beautifull collections when you book your session. Each collection will include the most beautiful handmade albums and boxes with the art from your Newbornshoot in it. You will fall in love with these amazing pieces of art.


We are committed to make precious timeless images for you. We therefore believe that these timeless images should be preserved for generations to come. I will help you with that! That is why we have put together a number of collections with beautiful albums for you. Because who will still be looking at a digital file on the computer 20 years from now? Your photos deserve to end up in a beautiful handmade album.

Are you looking for "digital files only"? Then I may not be the best photographer for you. MOOI! Fotografie strongly supports her vision that the valuable and timeless images we create don't just belong on a computer or smartphone. Every time you'll have a look in the high-end photo album, you'll get the chance to fall in love all over again with these little works of art. If you say YES to working with MOOI! Fotografie, you say YES to beautiful luxury handmade photo products after the newbornsession with your sweet baby.


How does it work


You can book your unique experience by filling out the reservation form on this page. You always pay the session fee of € 295.00 to finalize the booking and reserve a spot on the calender. Only after the fee is paid the reservation will be final. There are no digital files or product included in the session fee.


The ordering session will take place after you newbornsession. This is when we view your beautiful photo's and you can choose from different collections.


Have a look at our collections and pick your favorite. We have some amazing things to fall in love with.

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What type of session are you looking for to book at MOOI! Fotografie. You can fill the booking form on any page of this website. We offer unique experiences for your Newbornshoot, or a Babyshoot, 100-days shoot, Sittersession and Familysessions.

You are so welcome



To finalize the booking and reserve a spot on the calender payment of the session fee is due at booking. This fee stands for the time, experience, creativity, expertise and beautiful materials at your session. This does not include any digital files or other products.

There are NO digital files or photo products included in the session fee. You choose and pay for this later during your personal ordering session.



It's photo time! The photo shoot takes place. We are going to make beautiful images. Precious moments that you can cherish for the rest of your life.


After the session, we set a date for the free orderingsession in the studio. This takes place approximately 2 - 3 weeks after the session.

Enjoy your session!



During this ordering appointment in the studio in Rijen we will completely finalize your order together. That way you don't have to think about it at home anymore. I know you can get busy with a little one at home. What is actually on the agenda during an ordering session?

1: Viewing of photogalery (slideshow)

2: Pick a collection 

3: Album design

4: Color and cover choice albums

5: Pick your wall decoration

6: additional wishes

Check out our beautiful collections and products here:




For the personal ordering appointment we will pick a date within 3 weeks after your session. We will have a cup of coffee or tea and view and enjoy the gallery and coordinate your order and album. We will be able to immediately prepare the cover and the design of the album and there is the option to choose additional products or an upgrade of collection.

Newbornshoot, Newbornsession, Newborn, Photoshoot, Newbornphotographer, expat, english, Netherlands
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Your Newbornsession will take place in my brand new big studio in Rijen. Here I have all I need to capture these beautiful memories for you. Just sit down, have some coffee and enjoy your session!



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New life is such an amazing thing to witness. Suddenly, when our precious little one is born, our knowledge and experience of love grows in ways that we never thought possible, and it continues to grow in leaps and bounds just as your child does. The first few months of your baby's life is a whirlwind of change, as your little one puts on the pounds. One of your biggest wishes will be that you could freeze every moment, so you can really cherish the time your kiddo is a teeny-tiny human. And that’s why newborn photography is so important, because it grants that wish!

A newbornsession is not something you just "do". A phtorgapher needs lots of knowledge and experience to provide the best and safest service for new parents. Read more about the way we do this by clicking below.. 

Zwangerschap - Zwangerschapsshoot - shoot - Zwangerschapsfotografie - Newborn - Newbornfotografie - Babyshoot  - Babyfotograaf - Sitter - Sittersessie - Kinderen - Kinderfotografie - Baby - Babyfotografie - Newbornshoot - Foto - Fotoshoot - Fotograaf - Fotografie - Ulvenhout - Teteringen - Wagenberg - Berkel-Enschot - Zwaluwe - Drimmelen - Tilburg - Reeshof - Goirle - Berkel Enschot - Dongen - Oosterhout - Rijen - Breda - Hilvarenbeek - Raamsdonksveer - Alpen - Terheijden - Drimmelen - Made - Geertruidenberg - Udenhout - Chaam - Gilze - Kaatsheuvel - 

Safety first


Babyshoot, Baby fotoshoot, mooifotografie, fotograaf, rijen, breda, oosterhout, tilburg, raamsdonksveer, hilvarenbeek, terheijden, made, drimmelen, eindhoven

At MOOI! Fotografie, safety is our main priority at all times, especially during flu season and during this COVID-19 epidemic. Because we work closely with vulnerable clients including newborns, baby's and small children, we would like you to know that we are not taking the current Coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands lightly. There is absolutely nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our clients.

  • Contact between adults will be minimal and hand shaking is not recommended

  • Only members from your household are allowed to come to the photosession.

  • I require clients to reschedule if they feel unwell, even if it is mild

  • Working with baby's and posing them, it is not possible to keep distance from your child. I can only do my job when I am able to pose and touch you and your baby. I will be wearing a protective mask during the photoshoot.

  • Deep cleaning of the studio after every session (only 1 per day).


If you have any concerns about this please feel free to contact me.



As a baby photographer keeping babies safe and comfortable is the most important responsibility in our photography sessions. It is so important for me to create a clean, safe and warm environment for your little ones and families comfort.

While I am documenting your baby’s tiny details I always make sure your baby is never left unattended at any time during the session. I always stand close by your baby especially when they are on the beanbag, if I can’t do this for some reason I always have a spotter next to the baby. You may be asked to be my spotter. I never force your baby to go in to any pose if they aren’t comfortable with it. 



We will take "silhoutte" pictures with backlighting and photo's with a brown background like the picture above. Warm rich colors like "rust", burgundy, ochre or olive will all look fabulous for your baby's newborn pictures! Beige, sand, rich blue, blush, or brown are also good options. Try to stay away from colors that are too bright, or clothing with text or prints.



It actually helps them feel warm and secure. 
Some babies are more awake and alert during the session.  That is absolutely fine. You will see that your baby will be wrapped for a big part of the session.  Whether they remain awake in their wrap or fall asleep, we are sure to get some adorable images of your newborn.


Posing your baby

We will only pose your baby if he or she is in a deep steady sleep. If we come to that, your baby will determine what poses he or she will be comfortable with. We never force a baby into any pose. Safety and comfort always always have priority over a desired shot. Most of the babies in my studio are awake or in a light sleep during their session, so we don't do any posing like this. We only pose a baby in maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 sessions. 

Newbornshoot, Newbornsession, Newborn, Photoshoot, Newbornphotographer, expat, english, Netherlands


Don't miss out! I am often fully booked a couple of months in advance and would hate for you to miss out on a wonderful newbornsession.

So don't wait too long ♥.